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This line is aimed at institutional and commercial laundries, RPO, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, hotels, restaurants, schools, etc...

HISA provides cost-effective and specific solutions for the different needs in textile wash which are adapted and personalised to the customer. At the same it ensures the compliance of our high quality standards and respects the environment.

Our textile wash line includes different ranges of products for both manual and automatic dosage: spray-dryer detergent powders, liquid detergents, softeners, washing complements  and neutralizers.

Cleaning, Maintenance and Kitchen

HISA is at the forefront of offering effective and worthwhile solutions for cleaning, hygienization, interior design of buildings and facilities such as rooms, bathrooms, kitchen or any interior space.

Our HORECA line includes different ranges of products: all-purpose cleaners, sanitizers, liquid detergents and rinse-aid for dishwasher, washing-up liquids, degreasers, anti-calc, floor and carpet maintenance, airfreshener.

Automotive and Car Worshops Cleaners

This line is aimed at washing tunnels and car wash services, interior and exterior car cleaning as well as repair garages, service stations including maintenance of facilities.

Our automotive line includes different ranges of products: powder and liquid detergent for car washing, car wax, active foam, degreasers, wheel and tyre cleaning, vinyl cleaners, hand cleaning paste and air fresheners.


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