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HISA is a Málaga-based company with over thirty years of proven experience in the manufacture of detergents and cleaning-products.

HISA offers you a wide range of products in each of which you are guaranteed the best quality and respect for the environment.

Thanks to HISA.S.L’s long experience and use of the latest technology we are able to guarantee the consumer top-quality products by paying special attention to our clients’ needs. With the inauguration of our new installations, we now offer a wide range of products that are competitive at any level of the sector, and we are open to any suggestions from our clients as to modifications or preferences.

Our flexible and dynamic structure allows us at short notice to implement any alternative.


The latest technological advances incorporated in our new plant following large investments in innovation enable us to achieve a daily output approaching 125 tons of atomized-powder detergents as well as liquid products. As our plant is entirely automated we can with minor extensions easily duplicate this output.


HISA, S.L. is a wholly Málaga-based company founded over thirty years ago. It originated in 1979 under the trade name of “Exclusivas Villalobos” in the virtually handcrafted manufacture of solid detergents and other cleaning products on modest, rented industrial premises.

Now the manufacturing plant is located on a compound measuring 9,000 square metres permitting future extensions.